HMS Seniors Events

HMS Seniors Events


As you all know one of our mandate is to engage our seniors in the community and improve their social life. In the past years, we have implemented several projects and programs to fulfill this mandate. As you know, we have already established a computer lab, community kitchen, yoga and dance rooms. Many of these projects were funded by Government of Canada. We have also upgraded our facility with government grants to accommodate senior’s needs like building a new ramp, renovations of washrooms, and installing new heating and air-conditioning system in the auditorium.


We are glad to see that our seniors have taken leadership in designing a regular networking event at Samajam. This senior’s group meet at the facility once a month, mostly the third Thursday of the month, to share their experiences, crack a few jokes, and engage in group activities. During summer months the group organises outdoor activities.  This month’s get- together is planned for the 20th of March, due to our Women’s day celebrations.


We encourage all our seniors i.e. anyone over 55 years of age to come and actively participate in our senior’s events. This is a great way to keep our community vibrant and improve our quality of life. If you are interested to participate or volunteer, please contact any of the committee members from various committees or post a note on the Samajam website with your phone number.  


Looking forward to your active involvement in upcoming senior’s events and a great Spring 2018!  


If you needs any information about Samajam senior’s activity, please contact


Johny Thomas (Jomon) @ 905 929 3219 or


Matt Mathew (Thankachen) @ 289 439 0152

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