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Adults : $15, Kids (6-12years): $10, Kids under 6 year is FREE.                                            

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                 Note:- General Body Starts @ 5.00PM                                                                                                           

The HMS Executive committee and Youth Committee 2017 are excited to invite participants and volunteers for the upcoming Talent show  ( April 1st) at Samajam auditorium. 

HMS as an organization has always been a venue to provide the opportunity for everyone to get recognition for their talents .

The committee requests all the community members to provide the names of all the participating groups or individuals to the Entertainment committee by the end of this month ( Cut of Date: February 28th.  8:00 PM) This will help the Committee to provide enough support to the groups if they require additional help to find teachers, pick songs, find more participants for groups or form groups and coordinate practise sessions etc.

  1. The Talent show is planned for a time period of two hours, each event has a maximum time limit of 5min., therefore all individual and group programs should not exceed 5 min.
  1. Each individual can only participate in a maximum two events:  Two Group events  or one individual and one group ( With exception of Malayalam school program)
  1. To help with the registration process the committee has come up with a plan that will allow every interested member  to register for the event and find the right group.

This year we are introducing online registration. To register online please fill out the following form and submit before February 28 / 2017.

If you or your team want to register directly for participating in the event,  you can contact the following persons with details:

Samji Varghese ( West Hamilton Area)  email: samkoottil@hotmail.com Phone: 905 518-4007

Gikson Jose ( East Hamilton Area)   email:  josegikson@gmail.com Phone: 647 996-7231                 

Shana Shaji ( Youth coordinator)  email: shana.shaji@hotmail.com Phone: 289 680-7876

Ayesha Heza ( Youth Coordinator)  email: ayeshaheza@gmail.com  Phone: 905 923-3076

If your or your friend’s children can not find a group to fit in please contact one of the coordinators above.

We are looking for volunteers to help with dance practices, venues for practice sessions  and  Sponsors for Bake items or covering the cost for the sale.  Please contact Shana and Ayesha if you are interested.

Event Registration Form

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